About Us

We believe in establishing long term relation with our customers and work tirelessly hard to offer quality-assured products and services in the market. With our ability to provide next-generation products with utmost ease, we have become the most favored choice of our customer and won their trust and faith. Core foundation of the group revolves around 3 basic values including:
*Service to the Customer.
*Respect for the Individual.
*Excellence in the pursuit of our goals. Services WE OFFER YOU We are the experts in good taste! (Vacuum Metalizing or Physical Vapor Deposition) The benefits of PVD finishes
1. PVD coating extends the lifespan of your handles When you invest in beautiful architectural hardware, you want it to last. Gone are the days of buying ‘cheap and cheerful’ products for your home that are thrown away after a few years and ending up in landfill. The market demands quality that will last a lifetime. Hello PVD. Due to the extremely strong PVD top layer, fittings, such as door handles, are highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. As a result, the quality is increased and the products have a longer lifespan than any other finish. The strong PVD finish is also more resistant to scratches, although it must be said that no mechanisms, including lever handles, are completely scratch-resistant in the long term.
2. PVD coating is weather resistant and wind resistant This is perhaps the most important reason for choosing PVD in the Australian climate with our love of the outdoors and coastal living. Here, more than anywhere, architectural hardware for front doors, garden doors, or other exterior doors, is exposed to different weather conditions, such as UV rays, rain, and salty air. The PVD finish protects the product against these influences and, although no product is completely maintenance-free, the coating ensures less maintenance. Together, this results in an extended life span with your product remaining beautiful for longer. With the concerns of global warming and climate changes always front of mind, weather-resistance is an increasing priority.
3. PVD coating is sustainable and environmentally friendly In addition to the durable quality of the end product, the PVD process is more environmentally friendly than alternative coating processes. No harmful gases or other substances are released and there is no waste. The process does not affect the recycling value of the base material.
4.Improved Appearance: PVD coatings can be applied in various colors, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic options.Develop new colors or functional coatings to differentiate your product from the competition. PVD coating is a surface finish process known for its durability, wear resistance, and aesthetic appeal.